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6 weeks to go!

With just 6 weeks to go until the Arts Festival starts this year, it was great to catch up with Shelley in the Library this morning to plan the arrangements for the exhibition and family fun day! We're so pleased that library staff have agreed to take part in running an extra Totstime in the children's area of the Library (11am-1pm on Sat 25th June), and were delighted to see the lovely space around the back, where Shelley has begun planting sunflower seeds! We hope they'll be flowering by the end of June and that we can use the space for some workshops and nature crafts! Remember to save the date in your diary - Sat 25th June from 11-3pm - when we'll have a host of stalls and arts activities for the whole family to enjoy. Let's hope it'll be a beautiful sunny day like today!

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