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Brocklewood Primary & Nursery 

Bilborough Schools celebrate arts and creativity - read on for last year's 2021 highlights!

Pupils at Brocklewood created their own self-portraits to display within a magnificent art gallery in school, inspired by the Phoebe Boswell Exhibition at New Art Exchange. 


Firbeck Academy

Heading 4

The children at Firbeck Academy were asked to look back at the year and reflect on the positives and negatives. They than represented these within the frame of a paper person. These were displayed on the fence of the school facing Wollaton Vale to create a paper chain to show our unity as a school for passersbys and the local community to  enjoy the colourful creations.


Each class within school had its own gallery on the school website. 


Glenbrook Primary

The theme of Glenbrook's art week in 2021 was Diversity and the title of their collaborative art piece was 'Art is for Everyone'.  It displayed famous diverse artists (gender, LGBTQ, age, culture, race, disability, mental health) portraits in a pop art style!

Jubilee LEAD Academy

In 2021, Jubilee's young art ambassadors visited other classes to showcase year group art works. Teachers took part in discussions with children evaluating their own art work and discussing their art own skills, artists techniques and knowledge. Year 6 learnt to paint in the style of Van Gogh, Andy Warhol and Levi Pinfile who is a famous book illustrator. 

Year 1 and a mixed year group also enjoyed working with Orla O’Connor from Lit Theatre for their arts award for dance and drama. 

Van Gogh1.jpg

Melbury Primary School

All the children at Melbury created artwork to be included in an exhibition at the school. 

Year 6 also worked with Lit Theatre Company on devising their own performances to do with climate change and the environment as part of their Discovery Art Award! 

Oak Field School 

Oakfield logo.jpg

Oak Field is a 3-19 years SEND school in Bilborough.

In 2021, Oak Field invited other schools and the local community to join them in celebrating art in an online exhibition inspired by the carvings at Southwell Minster. Creating watercolour leaves with natural paint pigments, Artist Elaine Winter created an easy step-by-step guide of the whole process with detailed notes. Watch the video and download the activity sheet! 

CopyCAT  (Children as Teachers)

They also had an exciting music and dance project called CopyCATcollaborations in music and choreography across local organisations to create expressive nonverbal conversations within a sharing of ideas and skills.  


The pupils at Oak Field created a rhythmic piece of music that they invited other schools to add to, completing the composition. 



We love supporting pupils to create, lead and share their own inclusive choreography and compositions. Workshops consisted of a reciprocal sharing and creation of movement through mirroring and other simple dance techniques. The project involved joint pupil-led workshops using Vimeo Live, Microsoft Teams and Chrome Music Lab. Compositions were then used basis for a performance at the Summer 2021 Arts Festival – a mixture of homemade-DIY events and online sharing!  

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