Participating Schools  2022

Bluecoat Beechdale Academy

Bluecoat Beechdale Academy is delighted to be part of the Bilborough Arts Festival as a school that celebrates the arts and values creativity in all their pupils.

The school is showcasing their talented actors, dancers and artists in the festival this year for an invited audience with a performance of scenes from Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream, beautiful piano recitals, dynamic dance pieces and participatory activities in the arts. The school partners with the Royal Shakespeare Company and is involved in a wide range of activities with the theatre company and the Theatre Royal and Concert Hall in Nottingham. Students are Ambassadors for the RSC and will be performing at Nottingham Playhouse this year and hosting the RSC’s performance of Twelfth Night in the autumn at the school. Bluecoat Beechdale Academy’s main production is A Midsummer Night’s Dream with a company of actors from all year groups, working with artists, theatre practitioners and set designers, all collaborating on what promises to be a fantastic production for the Autumn. For more information about the arts in Beechdale please contact Ms L Dee, Head of Performing Arts.

We are proud of all our pupils and the diversity in our school and local community. Staff and students support the strong culture of belonging, diversity and the wish to express our identities in a welcoming and safe environment.

As a School of Sanctuary the school embeds respecting diversity throughout the school and a stunning new exhibition celebrates the cultural life of everyone in our global community. 

This commitment is contextualised within the community work that BBA has always engaged in over the years, and in most recent times with a local charity working specifically with refugees and asylum seekers – a message which is at the heart of what School of Sanctuary stands for. Community is also intended in how the school reaches out to parents and carers and celebrates the rich heritage and diverse roots that Bluecoat Beechdale boasts: on Thursday 12th May students came together in the ‘Express Event’ to celebrate 18 nationalities through poetry, dance, song, music, talks and the stunning art display created by year 11s. Parents and carers couldn’t have been more proud to witness these special acts and were reminded of how culture plays a central part in all areas of expression and communication. It was once again a perfect opportunity to raise awareness on refugees and asylum seekers, which will always be part of the Trust’s ‘Believe - Belong – Achieve’ ethos.

Find out more about recent events and the way in which students are actively involved in the School of Sanctuary process on the Bluecoat Beechdale website

Through our recognition as School of Sanctuary we have made a commitment to:

  • Learn: Find out what it means to be seeking sanctuary; and be actively involved in awareness raising.

  • Embed: Take positive action to make welcome and inclusion part of the values of your organisation or community, to support sanctuary seekers and refugees, and to include them in your activities.

  • Share our vision and achievements: let others know about the positive contribution refugees make to our society and the benefits of a welcoming culture. As a School of Sanctuary the school embeds respecting diversity throughout the school and a stunning new exhibition celebrates the cultural life of everyone in our global community. 

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Brocklewood Primary 

Invitation for parents and the local community! Come and see children's artwork on display on Mon 27th and Tues 28th June 2022, afterschool at Fircroft Community Garden, (opposite the school main entrance).

This year, each class in school will be making a large canvas banner, choosing their own theme and colour palette relating to nature. Resident Artist, Shamila Chady, will also be running workshops for each class to make clay pots which will hold seed bombs. Children will go and visit the exhibition in the garden during school time and do some observational drawings!  We can't wait to see their amazing creativity!

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Oak Field School

Wigman Road, NG8 3HW

Wednesday 29th June, 9.30am—11am

We’re inviting the local community to view artwork created by our students, whilst enjoying refreshments at The Welcome Cup Café.  The work of artist Joan Miro ‘The Colour of My Dreams’ was the inspiration for the work created. 

During the past academic year we’ve worked with many inspirational venues and artists from the Lakeside theatre, Southwell Minster, Bamboozle, Jingah and freelance musicians and artists from Europe and the UK. Our latest project was an exhibition inspired by the RSC schools project ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’, where the local community attended our interactive exhibition.

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Portland Spencer Academy 

At Portland, we are excited to be part of Bilborough Arts Festival.  We offer our children lots of opportunities to express themselves through different art forms.  We invite artists into school and also value the importance of taking the children to museums and art exhibitions so they can experience a wide range of artwork produced by different artists.  We work closely with different artists who come into school and open up a world of poetry and drama to the children. 


At Portland, we had a wonderful time celebrating the Queen's Platinum Jubilee.  Each year group produced a piece of artwork to celebrate the event.  This year, we are going to be celebrating '70 years of Portland'.  On Thursday 30th June we will be holding an event in our hall at school.  Young voices and area band will perform a song and we will have an exhibition, demonstrating the 'Importance of Portland' to our children and their families.  The exhibition will showcase some wonderful artwork produced by each year group and will be influenced by different artists.

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