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Andrew Mart

Andrew Mart, portrait.jpg

My day job is a music teacher but in my spare time I like to observe the natural world around us and try to depict it in various different media. My usual approach is to sketch subjects quickly and try to remember as much detail and colour as possible. Using photographs can be helpful but to really understand your subject nothing beats direct observation. I also like to paint landscapes. 

Recently I joined in with the Sky portrait artist of the week during lockdown which was great fun and one week to my surprise, my painting of Russell Tovey won! 

I live in Bilborough with my partner and cat and try to make the garden as wildlife friendly as possible. It is surprising how many different species I have seen here. From bats to butterflies and hedge sparrows to hedgehogs.



Instagram: @andrewmart49
Facebook: Andrew Mart bird & wildlife artist

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Andrew Mart, portrait4.jpg
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